Palliative Care

Would you like someone to help you and your family during this period? To be there to give loving care for your loved one. To sit with them and chat or rub lotion on them to make their skin feel better. Someone who will love to hear the stories that you have heard a million times.

Someone who will be compassionate,  gentle, as well as understanding. To honour the ill person for their life and what they are going through.

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Respite Care

Do you or someone you love need continuous care. I am able to take care of them while family and caretakers are given a break. It can be from a few hours to days or weeks. You can trust they will be in safe, loving hands and free of any stress about leaving them.

Respite Care gives caregivers time to:

  • Get some much needed sleep for an entire evening.
  • Go for a walk or visit with friends or family.
  • Attend special events.
  • Shop for groceries and run errands.
  • Recover from some of the stresses of care giving.

By rebuilding your own energy level you can continue providing quality care to your loved ones.

People who are emotionally healthy are in better control of their emotions and their behavior. They are able to hndle life’s inevitable challenges, build strong relationships, and lead productive lives. Sadly, too many people take their mental and emotional health for granted, focusing on it only when they develop a problem. good mental health requires effort to build relationships and maintain physical well being.

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